Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dish TV Sri Lanka almost ready

According to reports reaching us the launch of Dish TV Sri Lanka is imminent. Probably within a month or so. Pictures have been circulating on various forums about their uplink station in Kandana. According to reports Dish TV is planning on a very limited service in Sri Lanka. There will be no 
  • Sun TV or Jaya TV channels.
  • No HD.
  • No PVR
We are not sure whether there will be any International feeds of channels such as HBO, etc. However it's unlikely and they would probably give the Indian feeds of the said channels or avoid providing them altogether due to regional restrictions. 

Apparently the rental will be around Rs 350/= (unconfirmed) & will include mostly all local channels in Sri Lanka. This rental if true makes this the cheapest service even cheaper than wired cable  tv providers.

It yet to be seen how this service will impact the local market & if the number of local channels are higher than local services then they will be able to market it among those who want to watch local channels more than the international ones.

The success of this depends on how they cater to Sri Lankan viewing habits since here tastes are different to India's.

Also Dish TV is to cater to the entire region using their Sri Lankan arm, this is due to more freedom in downlinking channels which are restricted in India.

Dish TV's entrance to the local market is good for competition but their success depends on how they understand the market & that in turn determines the level of competition that they can offer.

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